Product Detail
Aluminum Silicon Carbide

Aluminum silicon carbide is a composite material formed by aluminum alloy as matrix and silicon carbide particles as reinforcement.It fully combines the different advantages of silicon carbide ceramics and metal aluminum. It has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity,low expansion,high strength and light weight.Also it can be used as a substitute for ceramics,AI alloy and CuMo alloy.

Aluminum silicon carbide can be applied to the heat dissipation substrate of the power module(such as IGBT,diode,etc.),semiconductor packaging materials,microwave devices,optical and communication equipment components.

Aluminum silicon carbide performance:

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Material densityThermal conductivityThermal expansion coefficientBending strength
Performance unitg/cm3W/m·K(25℃)



Performance index2.98-3.05220-2407.0-8.0≥350